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Kodiak Bear Hunts - Alaska Hunting Guides for Kodiak Brown Bears

Kodiak Bear Hunts and Alaska Hunting Guides

Mileur's Alaska hunting guide service specializes in Kodiak bear hunts and Alaska big game hunting adventures. We have over 40 years of professional experience as Alaska hunting guides and a track record that speaks for itself.

Although we guide hunters for many Alaska species, we specialize in Kodiak bear hunts on Alaska's world famous Kodiak Island. Alaska brown bear hunting on this island is a dream of big game hunters worldwide. Our hunts take place on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in the Red lake and Karluk lake areas.

We know where and how to hunt Alaska brown bears and our record of success at Kodiak bear hunts shows it. You can contact the Kodiak Fish and Game office for more information on what we have harvested (907-486-1880).

Kodiak Brown Bears

Boone & Crockett Kodiak Brown Bear Hunts

Over 40 Boone & Crockett Kodiak Brown Bears in the past 40 years

  • 1994 - Spring- The new world's record Boone & Crockett brown bear with a muzzle loader.
  • 1996 - Spring - Two Boone & Crockett bears taken.
  • 1996 - Fall - The second and third largest fall bears taken on the island that year.
  • 1999 - Boone & Crockett brown bear taken with a skull of 28 1/8.
  • 2000 - Boone & Crockett bear with a 28 3/4 skull.
  • 2001 - Second largest brown bear taken on the island with a B&C skull of 29 3/16.
  • 2003 - Three Boone & Crockett browns taken.
  • 2006 - Spring 9'-8" Kodiak brown bear skull 28 4/16    Fall 10 footer B&C skull 28 3/4
  • 2009 - Three Boone & Crockett bears taken scoring - 28 1/4, 28 1/2,  28 3/4
  • 2010 - Two Boone & Crockett brown bears scoring 28 0/0, 28 0/0
  • 2011 - Spring - One Boone & Crockett brown bear at 28 10/16 - third largest in 2011.
  • 2011 - Fall - Boone & Crockett brown bear with skull of 28 8/16
  • 2012 - Spring - Brown bear harvested with 27 11/16 skull.
  • 2012 - Fall - Brown Bear harvested with a 27 13/16 skull.
  • 2013 - Spring - Brown bear taken with a B&C skull of 28 5/8
  • 2013 - Fall -  Brown bear taken with B&C skull of 28 1/2
  • 2014 - Spring - Three B&C Brown bears scoring  29 11/16,  28 7/8,  28 1/8
  • 2015 - Spring- Four B&C Brown Bears 28 3/4, 28 1/2, 28 1/4, 28 1/2
  • 2016 - Spring - Two B&C Brown Bears 28 1/2, 29 1/8
  • 2016 - Fall One B&C Brown Bear 28 9/16
  • 2017   One B&C 29 /216 Second Largest Brown Bear Harvested Spring 2017 On Kodiak
  • 2017 Fall- Second Largest Brown Bear Taken On Kodiak 27 8/16
  • 2018 Spring Two B&C Brown Bear 28 13/16 and 28 8/16
  • 2018 Fall Kodiak Brown Bear 27 8/16
  • 2019 Spring Two B&C Kodiak Brown Bears 28 8/16 and 29 9/16

All of these bears were taken on our Alaska Kodiak Bear hunts.


Boone & Crockett Skulls

Fair Chase Hunts

Professional Guides

About Your Alaska Hunting Guide

Scott Mileur - is a professional, registered guide who began guiding Alaska Kodiak bear hunts on Kodiak Island decades ago as an assistant guide for the legendary team Bill Pinnell and Morris Talifson. ("The Last of the Great Brown Bear Men") When these men retired Scott took over their world famous hunting area and has carried on the success in consistently taking more Boone & Crocket browns and almost any other Alaska hunting guides.



The Kodiak Island Legend Continues - When Pinnell and Talifson retired, Scott took over their legendary guide area located on the South end of Kodiak Island near Olga Bay in the Red Lake and Karluk Lake Areas. Mileur's camps continue to consistently produce Boone and Crockett trophies year after year. Our Hunts take place on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.


Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting means good genetics and low hunting pressure. For this reason you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to take a record book Kodiak brown bear. This area also offers very good Sitka Black Tail Deer, Mountain Goat, and Reindeer opportunities.

Professional Alaska Hunting Guides - Our operation only conducts quality personal hunts in true "Fair Chase Hunting" fashion. We are not a high volume operation. We only take a limited number of hunters each year to assure our guests that their Alaskan Hunting experience will be a treasured memory of a lifetime. Scott is a registered Alaska hunting guide and he personally guides over 60% of all clients. He has a team of other registered guides with many years of experience that guide the other 40%.

All Hanicapped Clients are very welcome in my camp, and we look forward to making your dream come true with an outstanding trophy.

Other Alaska Hunts We Guide

  • Mountain Goat Hunts - Our Alaska Goat Hunts are take place on Kodiak Island. We give a 100%+ effort to see that your hunt is fun and successful!
  • Dall Sheep Hunts - In 1989, We took a Boone & Crockett Dall Sheep that scored 181 3/8.
  • Moose Hunting - We conduct our Alaska Moose Hunts in the Alaska Range in or near the Kuskokwim River drainage.
  • Sitka Black Tail Hunts - We have areas to hunt on Kodiak Island that host large populations of Sitka Blacktail deer.
  • Special Fall 2020 Sitka Blacktail Deer hunts. 2x1 5,950.00, 3x1 4,950, 4x2 4,550 Per Hunter.

  • Grizzly Hunts - Interior grizzly hunting in the Alaska Range or near the Kuskokwim drainage.Also Grizzly bear hunts avialable in the Kilbuck Mts. near Bethel,Ak.
  • Alaska Range Caribou - Barren ground caribou are in the areas of the Alaska Range we hunt.
  • Black Bear Hunts - Black bears are the most prolific predators in Alaska and number are high in our areas.


These hunts are conducted in the Alaska Range in or near the Kuskokwim River Drainage. In these areas there is also good populations of Wolves and Wolverines.

For additional information - or to book an Alaska Kodiak brown bear, goat, deer, sheep, or moose hunt, please contact us. If you are sending an email, please be sure to include your phone number with area code.



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