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Mountain Goat

Our areas host healthy populations of Mountain Goat.  Kodiak goat hunting provides a unique mountain experience as well as an opportunity to harvest a fantastic trophy.

Hunting Dates

  • Early October - Early November

  • Dates are flexible

Goats on Kodiak are numerous. The mountains we hunt around Red and Karluk Lake can be extremely challenging. Most of the Kodiak goats in our areas live in about 2000-3000 ft. of elevation We recommend that hunters should prepare for a lot of hiking and should think "light gear" when packing for this hunt. The fall weather on Kodiak can be unpredictable and nasty. Pack quality rain gear and warm clothes. The tops of mountains can be cold and wet at times. Temps in the fall can be anywhere from 30-50 degrees F.

Choose footwear that offers good ankle support and are waterproof. We also recommend purchasing "Microspikes" for this particular hunt. Kodiak mountains can be snowy/slippery at times which can be challenge for maintaining grip with your average boot sole. A lot of our hunters find the "Leki" trekking poles help with hiking as well.