Travel to our Kodiak Camps



You'll take a jet to the town of Kodiak. From there you will be flying out to camp in either a Beaver or a 206 float plane with Island Air Charters. 


Flight cost from Kodiak to camp 1 way : $600-$800

*The hunter is responsible for all personal travel costs to our camps. 


Travel to our Alaska Range Camps

You will fly to Anchorage and from there you will drive to Birchwood airport, about 20 minutes from Anchorage. We fly with Hawk Mountain Air Service and utilize a Maule wheel plane to get to camp.

*The hunter is responsible for all personal travel costs to our camps. 


        License and Tag Fees

                                         Non- Resident       Non-Resident Alien
Hunting License                     $ 160                   $ 630
Fishing License                       $ 100                   $ 100
Brown Bear Tag                     $ 1000                 $ 1300
Deer Tag                                  $ 300                   $ 400
Sheep Tag                                $ 850                   $ 900
Mountain Goat Tag             $ 600                   $ 800
Moose Tag                               $ 800                   $ 1000
Caribou Tag                            $ 650                   $ 850
Grizzly Tag                               $ 1000                 $ 1300
Black Bear Tag                         $ 450                   $ 600
Wolf Tag                                   $ 350                   $ 500
Wolverine Tag                          $ 350                   $ 500



Gear List

  • Rifle

  • Ammunition (2 boxes per rifle)

  • Binoculars

  • Sleeping bag

  • Down jacket or warm coat

  • Cap or hat

  • High Quality Rain Gear

  • Ankle-fit hip boot or Waterproof leather boot

  • Day pack

  • Pack cover 

  • Gloves


Our Camps

Our camps consist of 8 man Cabelas and Arctic oven tents. These tents offer plenty of room. Each tent is heated with a buddy heater and lantern so you can stay warm and dry your gear every night.


We eat well in our camps! We have two hot meals a day and a lunch while out in the field. We believe in "all you can eat" around our camps. Feel free to bring any special things you need. 


If you need beer or liquor for the hunt make sure and buy it in town.  



The guides we employ are well rounded outdoorsmen. All of them are lifelong hunters and are well experienced in the judging and the harvesting of Alaska's big game. You can rest easy knowing that you are in great hands and so is your trophy. We will prep your trophy for shipping out of state or will help you find a trusted expediter and taxidermist.

Our priority as guides is to provide you with a safe and memorable hunt.