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boone and crockett sitka blacktail bill.

Sitka Black tail Deer

Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting offers an amazing hunt at a great price. Kodiak is famous for its robust deer population. The areas we hunt offer some great opportunities at quality bucks!

Hunting Details

  • Late October - Mid November

  • 5-Day hunt

  • Party hunts up to 4 hunters 

Kodiak is famous for its deer hunting. The large population of deer in the areas we hunt allow hunters to see lots of bucks and pick and choose. 

The deer live in the rolling grassy hills and brushy lowland areas of Kodiak. Deer hunting does require some hiking and hunters should be physically ready for climbing hills. Fall weather can be brutal, good raingear is extremely important. Good footwear and light packs are the best bet. Try to pack as light as possible and leave your heavy optics and gear in camp. 

We offer group deer hunts! Grab some friends and come hunt deer with us! 

  • We can take up to 4 hunters at one time

  • You will have at least 2 guides, 2 on 1

Deer Hunt Gear List 

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