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mountain goat hunting

"I hunted with Scott Mileur on Kodiak Island for mountain goat in November 2020. Nothing but positive things to say. Scott and his son Zane and my guide Bill Kerstein (one of the toughest men I have ever met), provided me a hunt of a lifetime! Stunning scenery, and a wonderful wilderness experience. I am 73 years old and in pretty good shape but those guys kept me motivated and moving through several days of some of the toughest hunting I have ever done. Truly my most satisfying big hunt ever! If you want a "billy" on your wall, you can't go wrong hunting with Scott and his team."

 - Bob Jorgenson

boone and crockett kodiak brown bear hunting

"Mileur’s Guide Service is one of the best outfitters I’ve hunted with.

I’ve hunted Brown Bear twice with them. (2014 and 2018)

I harvested bears both hunts.

The 2018 Bear was a trophy of a lifetime.

Scott and his guides are top of the line.

I recommend Mileur’s Guide Service to anyone interested in hunting Alaska!"

 - Tim Porch

boone and crockett brown bear kodiak island

"I hunted with Scott Mileur for Brown Bear and because of that phenomenal experience I then booked a Mountain Goat hunt with him as well. To say these trips were the adventure of a lifetime is an understatement. Scott and his entire crew give the best possible experience in the most game rich area of Kodiak. They are hard working, professional, and give you the best opportunity to make your adventure a success. Undoubtedly one of the greatest outfitters I've ever hunted with!"

 - Al Fini

alaska dall sheep hunting

"I have hunted with Scott three times over the past 15 years.  2006 for Dall sheep in the Alaska Range; 2010 for Sitka Blacktails on Kodiak Island; and 2014 for Brown Bear on Kodiak Island.  All three hunts were successful not only in harvesting a trophy but in being with an outfitter who is great to hunt with.  His knowledge of each animal and of the areas we hunted in is unparalleled.  I am working on a Grizzly hunt and Caribou Hunt as I write this.  I wouldn't hunt with anyone else for an Alaskan Hunt!"

 - Adam Lanier

trophy moose hunting

"I've hunted with Scott Mileur four times from 2008-2012 and once in 1997. On one of the hunts I was buying a license and the clerk asked me with whom I was hunting with, I told the clerk Scott Mileur. The clerk told me you're guaranteed the animal, Scott is the best. All you have to do is keep pace with him, which I knew from previous hunts with him was tough to do if you weren't in shape. After the first hunt I was prepared for the rest of them. If you hunted when you were a boy or a girl with your father or mother or an adult you could totally trust and depend on, Scott is your man. he has all the bases covered. How many times I've hunted with other outfitters and none of them could hold a candle to Scott Mileur. A lot of them were after your money. I had a hunt paid for and I couldn't make it. I figured the money was gone but Scott called me in February of next year and asked when I could hunt. I told him I didn't have the money. He told me he would honor the previous years hunt and he did. No one would ever do that. If your looking for an Alaskan hunt, I would highly recommend Scott."

- Bob Campbell

kodiak brown bear hunting

"I've hunted most of the western states, Africa, Italy and my favorite place of all Alaska. If I'm hunting Alaska and they guide for that species then my only call will be Mileur's Guide Service. You won't find a more honest or hardworking outfitter. There's nobody I'd rather have guiding that final stalk on a trip of a lifetime."

 - Brad King

brown bear kodiak

"Like many hunters, hunting the Great Bears of Alaska was a life long dream. Being of modest means, my choice of who to guide me on this adventure was critical as I couldn't afford multiple trips.  My search lead me to Scott Mileur. Scott was honest and straightforward about his hunts and what he offered. Scott learned from the pioneers of Brown bear hunting on Kodiak. He conducts his hunts in the old school tradition and a hunt with him is as much a history lesson as it is a hunt. If you chose to hunt with Scott Mileur, you may or may not get a record book bear, but you will become a part of Kodiak's rich history of bear hunting. You will have hunted the greatest game animal on the planet the way it deserves to be pursued."

 - Scott Frakes

boone and crockett kodiak brown bear hunting

"Mileur's Guide Service is by far the most impressive outfitter I have ever hunted with in my 40 plus years of hunting. With an excellent staff of guides and Scott's knowledge all working together for you to have a successful hunt. I would highly recommend Mileur's Guide Service to anyone looking for a trophy of a lifetime!"

 - Buford Poole

trophy alaskan moose hunting

"A friend and I hunted for blacktail, mountain goat and reindeer on Kodiak Island with Scott in 2017. It was so much fun; I went back with 2 other friends in 2018 for blacktail and reindeer again. Based on the enjoyable times and successful results of those 2 hunts, I booked a moose hunt in the Alaska Range with Scott in 2019. He again provided a great hunting experience, and I harvested a beautiful moose.  Scott’s knowledge of the areas we have hunted and where to find trophy animals is impressive. I am currently booked with 3 new friends to go back to Kodiak and chase blacktails again this fall, this time with my bow. Scott and his crew work hard and hunt hard to ensure you have a good time and you are successful on your hunt.  I highly recommend contacting Scott for any of your Alaska hunting trips!"

- Jay Johnson

boone and crockett sitka blacktail.jpe

I have had the pleasure of hunting with Mileur’s Guide Service on 4 separate adventures since 2009. I have been 100% successful on 5 species, which is almost unheard of in Alaska, and I am extremely happy with all of my trophies! Each adventure has topped the previous one! Old school, boots on the ground hunting that is “Fair Chase”! Scott Mileur and his team are PRODUCERS! If you come with the mindset to hunt as hard as you can and never give up, they will give you 100% of their efforts to put you on that animal of a life time! Their camps are top notch with excellent meals 3x’s per day out of base camp. If it’s a spike camp, well just suck it up buttercup!  The stories Scott tells throughout your hunt, should be in a leather bound book and are priceless! Scott is an Alaskan Legend and hunted with the original guides that put Alaska on the world stage for big game! I only have 1 Outfitter/Guide in Alaska… It’s all I need!

- Rob Anderson

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